Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Another Transplant Recipient Successfully Treated for Aspergillosis

Monique Gesualdi
We have mentioned several times that people who have received a transplant are vulnerable to infection of all types, but that infection with the fungus Aspergillus is one of the hardest to treat successfully. That is still the case but there are signs that things are improving.

Monique Gesualdi had a transplant which went well but unfortunately also got the complication of an aspergillosis of the brain. This has been in the past almost impossible to cure as some antifungal drugs could not pass the blood:brain barrier, however more modern antifungal drugs are much better at treating central nervous system (CNS) infections (e.g. voriconazole) and this is beginning to become evident in the outcomes of treating patients with CNS fungal infection.

After undergoing extensive treatment including two craniotomies, against all the odds Monique is recovering.

Monique was successfully treated for her aspergillosis at Yale-New Haven Hospital and is now actively winning her life back, competing in a 5 kilometer running race in May 2014 and is planning on becoming a teacher of golf.

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