Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mouldy Landscapes

On first looking at the work of Hans J├Ârgen Johansen it is easy to conclude that he specialises in the taking of detailed works on the surface of the moon (but then there are no pools of moisture on the moon)

or perhaps the muddiness left in an estuary when the tide has just receded (but where is the sea?)

or even a forest floor layered in dead leaves - though there don't appear to be any trees.

But in each case something does not quite look right, the image isn't exactly as you might expect if your interpretation is correct.

In fact they are all pictures of various natural materials viewed in unexpected ways: for example moulds growing on different substrates, sometimes for weeks until their appearance is what the artist wants - there is no photo manipulation involved. Johansen arranges different growth substrates (often textiles) and then waits until mould grows over them to form the 'mould landscape'.

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