Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pcovery wins funding to improve fungal treatment options

As previously reported on this blog, the options available to clinicians treating fungal infections are narrow. As a whole, the pharmaceutical market is reluctant to invest heavily in developing new antifungal medication because of the comparatively small (though still extensive) market.

Clinicians and patients may find some happiness in the recent news that the Wellcome Trust has awarded £3.7 million in funding to Pcovery, a Danish biotechnology company aiming to break into the antifungal drug market. The company is currently identifying lead target compounds before moving on to pre-clinical drug trials.

Pcovery CEO, Casper Tind Hansen, expressed his delight at the news: "The generous funding is an acknowledgement of our work, and the money allows us to focus on developing a novel compound to treat invasive fungal infections. We now have a team of the right competences, and access to world class expertise within anti-fungal drug development."

"We have set up an ambitious and well-structured plan to come up with a novel treatment of invasive fungal infections, which will hopefully help this group of severely sick patients."

(Pcovery website)

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