Monday, 5 August 2013

Fungal Infection Trust Sponsors UK Scholarship in Medical Mycology

The Fungal Infection Trust has offered to completely subsidise the MSc fees of one strong UK applicant to the new Medical Mycology MSc to be run in Manchester over the next academic year.

There are insufficient medical mycologists in the UK for the burgeoning number of patients, especially those with fungal allergy and chronic infection, on top of the many thousands who acquire life-threatening mycoses. Vastly improved non-culture diagnostics, human genetic and immunology understanding, and new antifungal agents on the horizon promise a genuine revolution in care and prospects for greatly improved outcomes over the coming decades.

The course details can be found here:

Applications should be made through the Manchester University portal; and be accompanied by apply you need to provide a plan (Personal Statement, max 750 words) how you intend to use the scholarship to improve the diagnostics and care of patients with fungal infections in the UK. A support letter from the Head of your Hospital or Clinical laboratory summarising how your new skills will be put in use is highly recommended.

The details of the Fungal infection Trust can be found here:

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