Thursday, 25 April 2013

FDA Reviewing Posaconazole Pill

An application for selling a pill form of posaconazole is being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Also known as Noxafil, posaconazole is already distributed in a liquid form, given to patients at high risk of fungal infections due to severely weakened immune systems. In this form it is approved for patients aged 13 and older.

Merck & Co is seeking for approval to sell a once-a-day treatment in the form of a pill in both the USA and Europe with further plans to apply for approval in other countries.

Patient testing resulted in a small number suffering liver complications. including liver failure and death. Common side effects have been reported as being fever, diarrhoea and nausea. It has also been advised not to be taken in those already on immune-suppressing medicines, statins, calcium channel blockers, medicines taken for irregular heart rhythms and many others.

Despite the negatives associated with this form of medication, less invasive methods of taking medications are widely desired by many patients.

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