Monday, 18 February 2013

Aspergillus Research Levels Increasing Rapidly

Over the last 25 years the total number of papers published in Pubmed has increased 2.7-fold. In the same time period the number of papers published on aspergillus has increased at a far higher rate - 4.3-fold


Papers published on the medical infection caused by Aspergillus (aspergillosis) have also increased rapidly at 3.5 - fold - see the chart below

This is an illustration of the relative and real increase in the amount of high quality research being carried out on Aspergillus and the diseases caused by Aspergillus as our research advances accumulate. 25 years ago there would have been little genomic information available nor would we know as much about aspergillosis or have the diagnostics and drugs to treat aspergillosis. 25 years ago the use of Aspergillus as a tool to study eukaryotic genetics might have dominated.

More recently there are more transplants causing more cases of acute aspergillosis, increasing numbers of chronic aspergillosis cases being identified (particularly in the UK where we have the National Aspergillosis Centre) and increasing awareness of the involvement of fungi in common illnesses such as severe asthma and tuberculosis.

This is good news for doctors who need better, more rapid diagnostic tests so as to be able to identify infection in time to more effectively treat it, and good news for patients as better means to manage infections are sought with increasing intensity.

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