Thursday, 1 November 2012

Your Help Needed: Please Report all Antifungal Drug Side Effects

Side Effects of drugs are vitally important to identify and assess. Problems occur with new drugs because in testing only the new drug is taken by people assessing them for side effects. As we all know it is more usual for ill people to take more than one drug per day!

Different drugs can interact and cause new side effects so it is especially important to keep track of side effects of new drugs - and 'real' patients are the experts we need to consult for this research.

Many of those reading this blog may well take antifungal drugs, some of which are relatively new so we are especially encouraging everyone who takes antifungal drugs (old or new) to record all the side effects they experience using this new website set up by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the UK. The system has been in place for some time but recently it has been redesigned to allow & encourage use by members of the public rather than just doctors.

The general idea is that if a side effect is consistently reported by several different people and/or it occurs in combination with a particular drug then it will be flagged up by the system to pharmacists who will be able to adjust advice given to doctors and the public about the use of those drugs.

Please help us complete this vital work for everyone who has to take antifungal drugs by recording all the side effects you experience when taking antifungals on this website: NOTE: this website is for side effects experienced in the UK only.

US patients can submit adverse drug reactions here:

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