Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Take Care When Picking Wild Mushrooms

Aspergillus is not a fungus that produces large fruiting bodies above group that most would recognise as a mushroom, but many fungi do reproduce in this way. Just as some species of Aspergillus can produce toxins under some growth conditions, so can some other species of fungus - thus some fruiting bodies (referred to as mushrooms and toadstools in many countries) are also toxic.

 Four people have died after one of the victims made soup out of a mushroom that contained deadly toxins. This unfortunate incident emphasises that it is very important that anyone collecting wild mushrooms must be familiar with what dangerous mushrooms are likely to look like & where they grow.

This US government advice page is useful and so is this UK resource but different countries may have other species of harmful mushrooms or certain types may be more common in some areas of the world - always check local information.

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