Wednesday, 16 May 2012

LIFE Project Successful

The new fungal infection educational organisation LIFE (Leading International Fungal Education), initiated by the Fungal Research Trust  ran an art competition for age groups 13-18 in the UK (Project LIFE competition) starting in March 2012 entitled 'Funky Fungi'..

Funky Fungi
Project LIFE aimed to improve awareness of fungal infections in the North West of England and North Wales and has been very successful with hundreds of entries from all eligible ages, many of which went to great pains to investigate their subject both from the point of view of a patients suffering with an infection (some ran a survey amongst the 'man in the street' to assess what the general level of knowledge about fungi was and what impressions people had about fungi) and from closely observing pictures of fungal structures.
Infected eye

The resulting pictures and sculptures reflect the high degree of creativity and thought that this competition has stimulated in schoolchildren, their parents and their teachers. All must be congratulated and hopefully will now have a much improved awareness of how serious many of these fungal diseases are, and despite their ability to cause infection and their yukky reputation just how beautiful fungi can be.

Judging will now take place over the summer, results will be announced in this blog as soon as they are known.

A forest of conidiaphores
Gallery of entries

Amazing images! Many thanks to all who entered.

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