Monday, 5 March 2012

The Importance of Science to Britain and the World: Richard Dimbleby Lecture

The BBC commemorates the life of one of its brightest stars by presenting an annual lecture entitled the Richard Dimbleby Lecture in his honour. The lecture is delivered by speakers from a variety of backgrounds and talk about many different subjects.

This year the topic was 'The Wonder of Science' delivered by Sir Paul Nurse, recipient of the Nobel Prize in 2001 and who proved to be a passionate supporter and promoter of science.

In this talk he advocates the importance of science and engineering and of a strong science base in the UK for the future of British industry, medical advancement, our climate, our environment and growing enough food for us all to have sufficient to eat.

He also points out to the UK government and private industry that compared to our major competitors we spend around half as much on research, raising the point that even as we all must take care over spending during this current economic downturn, we must also pay heed to the financial demands of ensuring that  our future is better for many years to come.

Watch the Richard Dimbleby Lecture on BBC iPlayer

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It's a great pity that this important lecture is only available to British viewers of BBC.

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