Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mold Remediation Products - None Completely Effective

A recent research paper describes testing a range of ten products sold to remove and remediate mould and mycotoxin.

Method: Manufacturer
  1. Ozone: Ozone-generator device Airmaster 
  2. Peroxide: ALRON Chemical Ltd. 
  3. Hot air: Black & Decker 
  4. Flaming: Commercially available burner 
  5. Steam: Karcher Ltd. 
  6. Boron-based chemical 1: Svenska reimpregnering Ltd. 
  7. Boron-based chemical 2: WSJ Sanitation Oy Ltd. 
  8. Ammonium chloride based chemical: BlOkleen Ltd. 
  9. Sodium hypochlorite based chemical: Colgate-Palmolive Ltd. 
  10. Drying
None were completely effective in removing all viable molds or mycotoxins, raising the point that none of these methods which are widely used in the remediation of buildings is completely effective. The authors suggest:
  1. that more research is needed to identify new protocols and/or sterilising substances in order to improve the end result of remediation
  2. manufacturers need to be under more obligation to prove the efficacy of their products under conditions that represent remediation more closely so as to get a genuine guide of the effectiveness of their product when in use
I would also suggest that this is a strong hint to move towards replacement of mouldy materials (particularly mouldy wood and plasterboard) rather than make attempts to clean them.

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