Thursday, 26 January 2012

5th Advances Against Aspergillosis Conference: Day 1


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Wednesday 25 January 2012

08.30 – 18.00      Pre-Meeting Workshop
                          Masterclass in the management of chronic and allergic pulmonary aspergillosis
                          Open to 35 clinicians
                          Lead by Professor David Denning and other colleagues.

Thursday 26 January 2012 – Day 1

08.00 – 08.45      Meet the Professor Session
                          Controversies in immunology: Excessive inflammation in aspergillosis
                          Luigina Romani, MD, PhD

09.00 – 09.10      Opening Remarks
                          William J. Steinbach, MD

Session 1: Cutting Issues in the Pathogenesis of Aspergillosis
Chairs: William J. Steinbach, MD & Jean-Paul Latgé, PhD

09.15 – 09.40      Angiogenesis at the mold-host interface: a potential key to understanding and treating invasive aspergillosis
                          Ronen Ben-Ami, MD

09.40 – 10.05      Aspergillus fumigatus survival in the lung environment
                          Elaine Bignell, PhD

10.05 – 10.30      Visualising phagosomal killing of Aspergillus fumigatus
                          Jatin M. Vyas, MD

10.30 – 10.55      Vitamin D and OX40L interaction
                          Jay K. Kolls, MD

10.55 – 11.05      Oral Poster Presentation: Aspergillus fumigatus supermaters: genome comparison and genetic recombinationJanyce Sugui, PhD

Session 2: Emerging Clinical Associations with Aspergillosis
Chairs: David W. Denning, FMedSci & Omrum Uzun, MD

11.35 – 12.00      COPD and aspergillosis
                          Jesús V. Guinea OrtegaPharmD, PhD

12.00 – 12.25      Aspergillosis in cystic fibrosis – insights from new and old diagnostics
                          Caroline Baxter, MD

12.25 – 12.50      Invasive aspergillosis in ICU – are we moving forward?
                          George Dimopoulos, MD

12.50 – 13.15      Immune regulation in idiopathic bronchiectasis
                          Rosemary Boyton, PhD

Session 3: Top Six Papers in Aspergillosis in 2011
Chair: Sevtap Arikan-Akdagli, MD & Jay K. Kolls, MD

13.45 – 14.45 and concurrent with lunch
Murat Akova, MD and Nir Osherov, PhD

Session 4: Novel Immunological Insights into Aspergillosis
Chairs: Richard B. Moss, MD & Emmanuel Roilides, MD

14.45 – 15.10      Innate immunity to Aspergillus
                          Mihai G. Netea, PhD

15.10 – 15.35      Neutrophil extracellular traps and A. fumigatus
                          Matthias Gunzer, PhD

15.35 – 15.45      Control of neutrophil ROS responses to A. fumigatus
                          Keith Boyle, PhD

15.45 – 15.55      Oral Poster Presentation: T-cell responses to several Aspergillus antigens may be detected in patients with invasive Aspergillosis and may be exploited for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes: a multicenter study Leonardo Potenza, MD, PhD

Session 5: Portraits of Non-Fumigatus Aspergilli – What is so Special About:
Chairs: Paul Bowyer, PhD & Karl V. Clemons, PhD

16.25 – 16.50      Specification of polarity sites during growth and development ofAspergillus nidulans
                          Steven D. Harris, PhD

16.50 – 17.15      Aspergillus niger a perfect host for industrial biotechnology: systems biology approaches for the production of building block chemicals
                          Peter J. Punt, PhD

17.15 – 17.40      Diversity of Aspergillus flavus on crops and in the environment can be exploited to reduce aflatoxin exposure and improve environmental health
                          Peter J. Cotty, PhD

17.40 – 17.50      Oral Poster Presentation: Unique polysaccharide cell-wall composition responsible for dysregulated inflammation of A. nidulans infections in chronic granulomatous diseaseStefanie Henriet, MD

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