Saturday, 6 February 2010

Advances Against Aspergillosis - Rome 2010

The fourth Advances Against Aspergillosis meeting is drawing to a close in Rome and has been the most successful yet, building on the rapid progress this meeting has made since 2004. The numbers attending has risen from 200 in 2004 to well over 500 at this meeting with nearly 200 posters presented.

The purpose of the meeting this year is as always to act as a forum for interaction between researchers and clinicians in order to improve communication between the different type of workers and therefore to improve efforts to advance diagnosis and treatment of these illnesses.

The Aspergillus Website are assisting this process by hosting all the abstracts from the meeting and as many of the slide presentations we can get permission to use - in this way we hope many more people will be able to understand the breadth and depth of the subjects covered.

In addition this year there was a meeting for patients in which patients participated from many countries alongside notable experts in several fields. This meeting was a great success, the talks (written and presented so that they can be understood by 'ordinary' people rather than scientists and medics) have been recorded and will be available online in a few weeks.

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