Monday, 18 January 2010

The Aspergillosis Patients Meeting, Rome 2010

The Fungal Research Trust are holding a meeting designed for people who have aspergillosis or people with an interest in aspergillosis in Rome on 3rd February 2010.

The program consists of the following talks:

How important is Aspergillus in cystic fibrosis?: Rick Moss, Stanford
Aspergillus and CGD: Brahm Segal, Buffalo
Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis: David Denning, Manchester
Why is invasive aspergillosis such a difficult disease to diagnose and treat?: Ben de Pauw, Nijmegen

Steroids, Aspergillus and antifungals: Russell Lewis, Houston
Surgery for aspergilloma and invasive aspergillosis: Gilbert Massard, Strasbourg
Getting antifungal drug levels right - why does it matter?: David Andes, Madison WI
How can I clean up my environment at home?: Malcolm Richardson, Manchester

Full program

Any patients or other interested parties who wish to attend can still register by going to the following link: Registration & Full details of meeting

If you have a question for one of our experts please send us an email and we will try to get you an answer if time allows

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