Thursday, 24 September 2009

Valerie & John Evans donate birthday presents to the Fungal Research Trust

The Fungal Research Trust have funded many research projects over the last 18 years (see charity number 1003361 on the Charity Commision website) spending over £300 000 in 2008. Net administrative spending was 1.3% in 2008 so this is a highly efficient charity spending money where it counts.

Published papers resulting from research funded by the FRT are many and are listed here.

The FRT supports several initiatives to support people suffering from aspergillus infections in collaboration with the new National Aspergillosis Centre, taking over many of the aspirations of the now defunct Aspergillus Trust. The FRT runs a large patient support group (Aspergillus Support) and supports a large website that provides information for patients (Aspergillosis Patient Support).

The FRT is totally supported by donations so every pound donated counts towards future research into aspergillosis and future patient support projects. Personal donations are particularly touching and welcome so when John Evans decided to donate his birthday presents to the Trust it was more than welcome.
John and his wife Valerie are pictured above handing a cheque to the Director of the National Aspergillosis Centre Professor David Denning who is receiving the cheque on behalf of the Fungal Research Trust.

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