Friday, 16 May 2008

Orca (Killer whale) killed by Aspergillus

The worlds first captive Orca (named Moby Doll) was kept in captivity in North Vancouver in a dry dock. At that time (1964) little was known about Orca's and it took two months of trial and error to workout that it ate fish!

Observers quickly realised that preconceived impressions that Orca's were simple man eating killers that interfered with fishing were wrong. Orca's were discovered to be intelligent, gentle creatures.
Unfortunately, presumably due to lack of food, Moby Doll fell ill and died less than 3 months after capture. Post mortem revealed the cause of death to be aspergillosis in the creatures lungs - an infection that usually afflicts those with a poor immune system.

Moby Doll marked the beginning of a new era of capturing this animal, especially when it was revealed that a commercial aquarium had been willing to pay $25 000 for the Orca.

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