Friday, 9 May 2008

New antifungal Micafungin approved in europe

Micafungin chemical structure
Approved for use only against Candida infections. Particularly useful in young children, micafungin also has activity against Aspergillus and indeed is licensed for use against Aspergillus in Japan.
"Micafungin is expected to launch first in the United Kingdom and then across Europe shortly thereafter. The antifungal has been available in Japan since December (Funguard for Infusion), where it has established its therapeutic efficacy against fungal infections caused by Aspergillus and Candida and safety through all therapeutic results. Micafungin has been available in the United States since May 2005 and is now indicated for treatment of patients with candidaemia, acute disseminated candidiasis, Candida peritonitis, and abscesses; treatment of patients with oesophageal candidiasis; and prophylaxis of Candida infections in patients undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplantation."

Hopefully approval for use against Aspergillus will be forthcoming in the future.

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