Monday, 7 January 2008


The Aspergillus website has been supplying advice and information about this fungus for 10 years this year. We cover a wide range of subjects directly relating to aspergillus;
  • Illnesses such as aspergillosis, ABPA, aspergilloma, SAFS
  • Comprehensive guidelines for treatments, antifungal drugs
  • The latest diagnosis techniques
  • Genomic maps of fumigatus, niger, terreus, nidulans and others
  • Veterinary
  • Images
  • Case histories
  • Educational material for teaching a range of students
  • Streamed audiovisual material including clinical videos, conference presentations
  • Conference abstracts & full colour posters
  • A full library of complete articles, books, historical papers
  • A comprehensive database of species information crosslinked to metabolites and mycotoxins

Watch this blog for latest news and information, and for links to useful resources.

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